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The Penis Pumps & Their Popular Types

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is one among those shunned away problems that are frowned upon when discussed openly. But, let’s face the fact, talking about ED and the various treatments or methods to overcome it is, as essential as how you discuss your other common physical problems like the heartache, obesity and their likes and the available remedies to tackle them. Although there is more than the bedroom pleasure when Erectile Dysfunction matters, one cannot deny the fact, how the malfunctioning of the penis could shatter the couple’s intimacy and entirely ruin their otherwise trouble-free life.

28008-021e55-penis-pump-gauge1All these years, erectile dysfunction was considered the disease of the aging men, that is, on an average, the men who are 40 years and above were considered to be the obvious victims of this never-openly-discussed disease. But, a study made by ‘The Journal of Sexual Medicine’ shows that 1 in every 4 ED patients is under the age of 40, which only means an enlightening discussion about the feasible remedies or procedures to overcome the disorder is highly essential, because, hey, the young would obviously have some ‘ambitious’ personal goals and who wouldn’t want to achieve them, ahem?

One of the popular ways adopted to overcome the erectile dysfunction problem is the usage of vacuum constriction devices aka the penis pumps that do not require much of a greater effort to rectify the disorder and are yet convenient than the lengthy and risky surgical procedures. To know more about the penis pumps and their types, let’s read further!

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a vacuum pump or a vacuum constriction device that is effectively used to provide the desired erection for the penis so that the affiliated man could overcome his insecurities and enjoy thoroughly the sexual act, which is one of the necessities of the human kind. An alternate option to medical surgeries that could be risky and at the same time, not affordable by most of them. Also, the results provided by these penis pumps are quite faster and that too without concerning side effects that cannot be guaranteed for other medical treatments like the surgeries and the pills.

How does it work?

A basic penis pump has three main components, such as the pump, the tube, and the constriction band. When the Love-sex-and-sexuality-30836868-500-348tube is worn over the penis, the pump is operated to pump the necessary more blood into the penis to cause the desired erection suitable to indulge in the ‘act’. The constriction band provided is used to maintain the achieved erection, which can be facilitated by placing the band around the penis’ base to contain the required quantity of blood that is needed for the proper functioning or the erection of the penis.

Although this method of using the pump requires some practice and time, one can achieve successful results by choosing the suitable penis pump according to his convenience, which is available in a number of different varieties.

The types of penis pumps

  • The air-based or vacuum-based penis pumps

With the power of vacuum, the penis can attain the required size and shape that every man desires. But if you think, that is all an air-based penis pump could do to you, which is enabling the penis’ growth to a suitable size, then, you are certainly mistaken, as the vacuum-based pump apart from overcoming the erectile dysfunction disorder, has also shown some significant contribution in mildly correcting the curvature of the penis.

Male-extensor-de-pene-ampliadora-camilla-ampliadora-polla-bomba-de-vacío-productos-adultosThis air-based device consists of a chamber that is worn over the penis’ shaft and can be pressurized to achieve the desired growth of the penis with the help of the pump attached to it. If you are worried about ‘overdoing’ the pressure part, then not to bother as most of the air-based pumps come with a limiter, whose basic function is to limit the air pressure when the pumping action is overly fast. The bands or the constriction rings that come with these devices would help to maintain the achieved erection for almost 30 minutes by containing the blood at the base of the penis. You can choose either a manual vacuum-based penis pump or an automatic penis pump according to your convenience and the budget. But, whatever variant you choose, the result would be only your desired expectation.

  • The water-based penis pumps

Although the water-based penis pumps are slightly expensive than their air-based counterparts, they have indisputably won the votes of many men as they are safer to use, where you need not worry about the over-doing pressure part that could cause some serious damages to the important organ of your body, the penis. As water is used here to achieve the desired pressure and pump the blood into the penis, it could cause some even growth of the penis equally contributing towards both the girth and the foreskin area, unlike the air-based penis pumps that either concentrates on one or the other.